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John and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did for us in selling our home in Ellicott City. Your professionalism, positive attitude, knowledge of the business made a very stressful time go so smoothly even during the difficult market conditions.

We are so grateful for everything that you did from your professional flyers, to the beautiful pictures on line in addition to the virtual tour which looked awesome!!

You are a true professional and a wonderful caring person that is committed from the beginning of the sale to the end of the sale. Your valuable suggestions were a key reason we sold our house so quickly?

We were very proud to have the Re-Max sign in our yard with your name on it!!!

We will continue to highly recommend you to our family and friends as we know that they will get the very best realtor in town!!

Thanks again,
Nancy and John

Dear Sherry,

Marshall and I would like to thank you for all the hard work you did in selling our house. We appreciate all the ads, open houses, and great suggestions that enabled us to sell our home.

We would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of a realtor. We are very pleased with your service.

Marshall & Libb

Dear Sherry,

We wanted to take the chance to write to you and thank you for all your help in the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our new home. We knew that the move from Carroll County to Howard County would be a challenge because of the difference in home prices. You worked hard to get our old home sold for a competitive price and make the closing go smoothly.

Your understanding regarding our criteria for a new home helped us to zero in on the exact area we knew was right for our family. We are grateful for your patience as we visited and revisited homes and for your understanding and flexibility when we became apprehensive of our choice after a less-than-stellar home inspection on our new home. We never felt pressure to have to stay in the contract after the disappointing home inspection and your willingness to show us some alternative homes really helped in our decision-making process. Seven months later, after looking at other homes sold in the neighborhood, we marvel at the price we paid for our new home. Your excellent negotiating skills got us the price we needed in order to have the money to make this the house we wanted. We love the neighborhood, school, and the convenience to work and shopping and we can't wait to show you what we've done with the house. Thank you for helping to make our desire to live in Howard County a reality!

Elise and Kevin

I am writing to you concerning Sherry Rich. Our home search and friendship began with Sherry over five years ago when we were preparing to move to Columbia. She not only shared her professional knowledge, but also her caring personality. She made the effort to care about our preferences and needs. With her help, finding the right house for our family was not only easy, but enjoyable.

Sherry does not leave her clients at closing. Her newsletters are
professional and give helpful ideas on home maintenance. Her phone calls to make sure all was going well made us feel at home in Columbia. But more important, was the time she took out of her busy schedule to just sit and have a lunch or a cup of tea and visit. Sherry has always made us feel at home and welcome in our new town.

Now that we are preparing to move from Columbia, I am again appreciative of Sherry's professionalism, knowledge, and her caring way. She has been at our side through every step of the sale of our house. From the market analysis to the finalization of the contract negotiations, Sherry has been our guide, cheerleader, counselor, and friend. She made the entire process seem so easy.

Sherry is a treasure that is rare--a professional that is an expert in her field and gives of herself for the sake of her clients. I feel it a privilege to call her my friend.



Sally and I wanted to thank you again for your excellent service during the recent listing and sale of our home in Ellicott City.

You have been both a true professional and a friend during a rather difficult market period when sales were slow.

We can recommend you without hesitation to anyone needing to either sell their home or to buy a new one. You went the extra mile for us on several occasions and your expert service and advice and counsel have been truly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Earl and Sally

"We cannot thank you enough for providing excellent service for us with both the purchase of our new house and the sale of our former house. You are a true professional. We appreciate the help writing offers--multiple times--figuring net expenses and profit, and providing a comparative market analysis to help price our house. Your specific suggestions to make our house more marketable paid off. You were responsive and easy to reach at all times. When you presented us with the offers from potential buyers, you clearly had taken a great deal of time to study the offers and communicate with the other agents so that you were knowledgeable and efficient when we sat down to choose one. As you know, this has been a joyful but challenging time for us with my pregnancy bed rest, a move to a fixer-upper, a newborn, John's foot injury, and the sale of a house all in five months, and therefore we are quite grateful that we were able to relax and trust you. You are a thoughtful and conscientious professional.

If any potential client of yours wants a reference, please share our number."

--Kristine and John

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication helping us find this lovely house! We truly love it here! We are so grateful for everything you did to help us find an older home with character and location in the limited amount of time we had. You went out of your way professionally to keep us informed of all listings, updating us via phone nearly daily and then driving us all over several counties continually day after day into some evenings!"

--David and Vicki

Joan Pittroff
RE/MAX 100
11000 Broken Land Pkwy
2nd Floor
Columbia, MD 21044

Dear Ms. Pittroff:

We are writing this letter on behalf of Sherry Rich, who gave us truly exceptional service as our Realtor. Sherry worked extremely hard on our behalf; we felt like we had a true advocate. Sherry is warm and personable, and a good communicator. We felt like she explained everything clearly throughout the entire process of finding and buying our home. She put in late hours and long house-hunting days, and made every accommodation to fit our demanding work schedules (even meeting us late at night sometimes). She never complained--she simply delivered exceptional service. Below are some of our observations on the great experience we had working with Sherry Rich.

We were living in Baltimore and planning to move to Columbia or a nearby city. As first time home buyers, we had a lot to learn. We didn't know exactly what we wanted, but we were very excited to explore many possibilities for our ideal home, and we wanted a Realtor whose enthusiasm and experience could help us throughout this process. We were willing to spend as much time and energy as necessary to find a great home, but we needed a Realtor who would match our efforts, one who would advocate for us and who had our best interests as a top priority.

After working for several months with an inexperienced and disorganized Realtor from a different agency, we were very discouraged at our lack of progress. We were about to put our home search on hold indefinitely, when, on a strong recommendation from a coworker, we decided to give Sherry Rich a call. During the course of a brief phone interview, Sherry made it clear that she was the one for us! She was easy to talk to, exuded confident energy, and was enthusiastic. She made us feel like we would succeed. She seemed very professional but also casual and nice, which is just what we were looking for. Our spirits changed immediately, and we were ready to start anew!

Sherry's process is very intelligent and organic from the beginning. She sent us many listings, and she welcomed us to send her any listings that we found independently. She showed us homes that we selected, but also took us to places that she thought we might be interested in that we hadn't considered. She was never afraid to offer helpful insights about a given home, but at the same time she was never pushy. She asked us each to numerically rate every home we saw, and she took notes on specific things that we liked and disliked about each home. As we explored and learned better what we wanted, Sherry listened to our comments and preferences. She adapted the showings and listings as her knowledge of our preferences grew, including some very specific preferences for lighting, kitchen size, a particular foyer, proximity to trees, ambient noise and so forth.

We found our house hunting days with Sherry to be fun, satisfying, and productive. Sherry promptly scheduled or canceled showings, and we never had to wait around. She drove us around so we could focus on our observations of the area. This was extremely helpful to us! Her car was very comfortable and clean, and she went to great lengths to make sure we were comfortable; she offered us beverages to enjoy during our outings, and she even bought us lunch! [You might want to omit this fact in the testimonial, unless she's prepared to offer all of her clients this level of generosity! :-)] She was a good conversationalist as she drove us around, offering insights from her exceptional knowledgeable of Columbia and the surrounding area. She welcomed all questions and was very knowledgeable about home buying in general.

When we found a home that we wanted to put an offer on, the process was highly efficient. Sherry was well-prepared and paperwork was well-organized. She used her special technique to prepare comparables, which helped us prepare our best possible offer. She made many calls behind the scenes and took care of many details so that we wouldn't have to. This is exactly why we hired a Realtor in the first place and Sherry really delivered. We liked that she even took care of small details like adding an "x" next to every place on a contract where we needed to sign and explained even technical points very clearly. When modifications or corrections had to be made (such as when the seller's agent overlooked a signature), they were typically completed within only a few hours (signed and returned from the sellers). This is because Sherry worked with other agents very quickly and efficiently. It is also because Sherry's response time, whether faxing, emailing, texting, or phoning, is absolutely outstanding. (Indeed, her communication with us through email, our preferred method, was so frequent and clear that we never wondered what our Realtor was up to--she was accessible all of the time!)

The first two offers we made fell through. Yet, we knew it was because of factors outside of our control (we were outbid in one case, and the sellers wouldn't budge on price in another). However, we were not discouraged at all because we knew Sherry Rich would keep at it until we found a great home. She was very encouraging and comforting when the offers fell through. She also reassured us that she and our loan officer would do everything in their power to to help us meet our timeline (to get the first-time home buyer's tax credit). Ultimately, she was right--we achieved our goal, largely due to her efforts and the efforts of her team. On that note, everyone Sherry referred us to, including the home inspector, the loan officer, and the title company agent, was truly outstanding in their own right. They all did fantastic work, were friendly and knowledgeable, and accommodated our busy schedules (even coordinating to move the settlement date sooner).

It is very clear that Sherry truly cares about her clients. Late one evening when we were unable to go looking with her, she did some independent investigating for us; she visited a home near the one we ultimately purchased, simply because its list price was significantly lower and it was a similar style. She wanted to see the home in order to explain the discrepancy and make sure our offer was not too high. Perhaps most telling of Sherry's integrity and concern for her clients can be found in this amazing example: after our offer had been accepted on the home that we ultimately bought (but while we could still back out due to inspection contingency), Sherry went out one night to listen to airplane traffic. She emailed and expressed her concern that we visit the home at night, because she remembered that one of us is particularly sensitive to noise and she didn't want us to have any regrets. Wow! (We did visit at night, and now, a month after moving in, we are still very happy there.) Finally, after closing, Sherry had left us a nice note and a spider plant as a housewarming gift. She considered our satisfaction from start to finish.

In closing, what had started out as a stressful endeavor riddled with failure turned completely around into a successful and fun process once Sherry Rich entered the picture. She is the best at what she does, and a wonderful person, too! Now that we have this terrific home, we will miss house hunting with Sherry--but we will definitely call her when we decide to move again (and of course would highly recommend her to any family, friends, or coworkers looking for a Realtor).

Marcus & Kandi

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